Smart Data for Smart Decisions

Kepler51 can help your organization make better decisions. Using a large array of data sources, we generate reports, recommendations, and real-time intelligence for keeping people and assets safe. We’re big data and weather-tech people using the latest analytics to deliver a more complete picture of your environment.

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A Safer World Through Smarter Decisions

Working together for
the greater good.

As a public benefit corporation, our heartbeat is public safety. Whether at work or on the road, we’re committed to making the world a safer place through data.

How it Works

As scientists, developers, and industry experts, we leverage innovative methods and technology to create safer roads, decrease accidents, and increase employee safety.

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Mitigate Risk &
Make Better Decisions

Using complex global data metrics and analytics, we monitor conditions both predictively and in real-time to help you make decisions based on a fuller picture of potential impacts to your operations.

  • Plan for the safety of your employees and make informed decisions for your facility based on an incoming weather event.
  • Track vehicles and monitor roadway conditions for potential hazards or delays.
  • Optimize schedules and routes based on potential disruptions to your operations.
  • Reduce workplace accidents and increase employee safety
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The Kepler51 Mobile App

Critical Accurate
& Real-time

The Kepler51 mobile app provides the highest level of detail yet, with real-time monitoring for you employees no matter where their location. While driving down the road or working at a remote facility our app alerts to hazardous conditions while running quietly in the background.

  • Real-time Coordinate Tracking

  • Push Notifications and Alerts

  • In-App Messaging

  • Requires little or no user interaction

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Asset & Location

Use situational and environmental data to manage risk and keep your employees and assets safe during potentially hazardous events.

  • Offers real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Predictive insights for planning and productivity

Road Monitoring

Review meteorological conditions, road surfaces, past accident statistics, and geographic data for a complete safety view of the road ahead

  • Reduces accidents and delays
  • Improves driver behavior

Weather Sensors

We continually monitor site-specific conditions in real-time with our network of wireless weather stations equipped with up to 15 different sensors.

  • Seamless integration into our alerting applications
  • Measures dozens of environmental variables

Weather Intelligence

Put meteorological data to work for your business. Kepler51 combines past, present, and forecast weather data to decrease risk in decision-making.

  • Instantly access reporting and analysis
  • Delivers a full view of the environment

Fleet Safety

Provide carriers with complete insight into fleet status and network safety risk to reduce accidents and increase fuel efficiency.

  • Compares trucking routes
  • Identifies fleet specific risk

Custom Analytics

We’re not afraid of innovation and flexibility. If you have a safety problem, lets chat about how we can help you use smart data to protect your people and assets.

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About Us

As a public benefit corporation, our heartbeat is people’s safety, whether at work or on the road. At Kepler51, we seek innovative ways to create safer roads, decrease traffic accidents, and increase employee safety.

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