Critical event management for the changing world


Kepler51 helps companies tackle critical and disruptive events, from environmental hazards to facility risk management, to managing any connected devices or models. We provide a platform that encompasses sensors, real-time and predictive analytics, display tools, and a sophisticated alerting system—everything that companies need to keep employees, assets, and the public safe.

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Some of the world’s biggest companies use Kepler

The world of critical event management has changed radically.

  • Weather events have become more extreme and less predictable
  • Supply chain issues are a given
  • Social media has made legislation and public image risks exponentially higher

Disruptions have to be calculated much, much more rapidly. This is where Kepler51 comes in.

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We help you predict, alert on, and manage events from tornado warnings to security situations to on-the-job hazards (slips/trips/falls, heat stress) with a complete software platform for analyzing and making decisions based on fast-changing data.

As scientists, developers, and industry experts, we use cutting-edge methods and technology to protect your assets, employees, and the public.

How we do it

Providing piece of mind across industries


Kepler51 can ingest any type of situational or environment data, and combine it with the market’s premier data feeds. This could be data about assets (a position of a car moving on the road, a factory, power line, a road segment), or event data such as a tornado warning, sensor data such as a pressure indicator that has reached a critical threshold. We help you analyze that data to make future predictions, create workflows, send alerts: everything and anything to help you make better safety-related decisions.

  • Retailers and marketplaces
  • Manufacturers
  • Transportation
  • Oil, gas, and mining
  • Cities and counties
  • Airports and universities
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The Kepler51 mobile app

Safety on the go


The Kepler51 mobile app provides the highest level of detail, with real-time monitoring for your employees, no matter their location.

  • Real-time coordinate tracking

  • Push notifications and alerts

  • In-app messaging

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All-in-one platform 

We are a uniquely integrated platform that comes with a robust set of environmental data, IoT integrations, and standardized workflow templates.

Real-time alerting

View your assets, vehicles, facilities in real time, while also observing environmental threats and hazards. Our platform enables you to integrate a broad section of data, including your own.

Modern IoT networks

We can help you build a network of IoT devices so environmental hazards get direct sensor monitoring. This data is integrated into our alerting applications to reduce accidents and delays, and improve behaviors.

Weather intelligence

We combine past, present, and forecast weather data, while providing redundant feeds so you can avoid downtime. We allow you to bring in your own data, including asset and hazard data, industrial events, and business processes.

Modern display tools

Equip your facilities, situation rooms, and teams with the data they need. We offer a complete picture of your environment and predictive insights for planning and productivity.

Analytics and reporting

We bring you both observations and forecasts—be it air quality, an earthquake, a lightning strike and probability, or fleet status. Our analytics enable you to simplify workflows, so you can save time and consolidate your work processes.

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Working together for the greater good

As a public benefit corporation, our heartbeat is people’s safety. At Kepler51, we work with you to create a safer world for your employees and the public.

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